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Established in 2018, we techies realized that organizational transformation is not complete only with IT Integration. Similarly, acquiring and retaining current market share isn’t possible without offering technology and data-driven media and promotions. We started to provide a complete business solutions to guide the leadership and operation team to achieve what we envisioned during and after transformation. 

We are the ‘Pyxida’, a compass for your growth journey!


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About Us

To maintain our reputation as a reliable application development, testing and QA vendor,
PYXIDA is continually looking for ways to improve processes
and build on current personnel capabilities.

We choose the most relevant market tools so we can provide you with the best service possible.

We put expertise, experience and efficiency together to offer beginning-to-end Independent Testing Services spanning both automated and manual testing methods.

Technology Solutions

Business Transformation is not complete with out technology integration. We have experienced team of experts in cutting-edge technologies. With our extensive expertise in building ERP systems (LMS, Security and more) from scratch and implementing them successfully, we can empower our clients from multiple industry verticals to select the best stack of solutions for their specific needs. We are specialized in modernizing legacy applications. We also excel in integrating new services and applications to your existing solutions.


Expertise and Experience

Our expert developers will help you choose the best technology for your project. We deliver productive, engaging and reliable web solutions that will help you realise desired business outcomes.

Development Process

We welcome you to join our daily stand-ups and huddles. We guide you through the process of application development and provide you reports and documentation on every stage of development cycle.

Quality First Approach

We run both automated and manual quality check and test developed applications rigorously to reduce application defects and risk of redevelopment.

Cloud-ready Solutions

We build highly available and highly scalable web applications which are the cornerstone of any high-traffic, reliable and secure world class modern applications.

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